English Camp Taiwan  (Yuanfanglai, Ltd.  遠方來有限公司) was established in Taiwan by David Harris, an American who came to Taiwan in 1993 to study Chinese language.

Yuanfanglai organizes western-style, short-term, activity-oriented summer camps throughout Taiwan during July and August. During the remainder of the year, Yuanfanglai focuses on adventure sports & travel-education, including SUP, kayaking, surfing, kite-surfing and free diving.



Live as a family member with your host family while working with children ages 6-14 in cities throughout Taiwan, gaining an in-depth understanding of this fascinating culture!


I’ve had such a positive experience this summer. There were times where the job was challenging and everyone had low points at times but being supported by such great counsellors and host families made it all worthwhile. The summer was fun, sweaty, confidence building, challenging, interesting, just fab. 10/10 would recommend

Rachel , English Camp Taiwan Counselor (2017)

It was wild. Exotic, foreign, fast paced, fun, exhausting, exhilarating, memorable. A complete onslaught of emotions that never stopped changing and surprising me. A personal challenge and a personal success. And this I mean in the best of ways: it’s not for the faint of heart. I recommend it 100%.

Tom Cabral, English Camp Taiwan Counselor (2017)

ECT provides an experience like no other – a chance to work with kids, a chance to explore a country in ways a tourist wouldn’t be able to, and a chance to meet people from all around the world. I learned and experienced so much and truly cherished the time that I had while I was there. For individuals looking to work hard, have fun and be apart of a wild adventure, please apply!” 

Marc Pacia, English Camp Taiwan Counselor (2016)